A Pattern (Detail from ‘A plant, a bird, a pattern’), Felt tip marker on bubble wrap, 2016

Exercising hesitation

As an artist I spend my days drawing, writing, studying, teaching and collaborating – a rather loose category of activities, driven not so much by one overarching thematic approach, but more by a constant process of repositioning myself in relation to a set of potentially meaningful objects of study. In general terms, my aim is to think through how this shifting between roles takes place, what exactly these spaces are which one can occupy as an artist and how these relate to each other. In am interested in finding moments of hesitation, in which interaction with a work or thing is somehow suspended, before the desire to see something meaningful has been fulfilled. For instance, if one thinks of drawing as a gestural activity, taking place in space, what role could it play in mapping a space of suspension and hesitation? How would this mental space function within the physical space of the academy, or institutional structures in general? Could suspension and hesitation be didactic strategies, challenging a notion of knowledge as something instantly accessible, ready to be put to use? Occupying different spaces of suspension is not a gesture of withdrawal or even a refusal to interact. Rather, I see moments of hesitation as opening up a realm of questions and potential actions which allow for a more thorough exploration of how meaning as something relational comes into being.