A Walk in the Park

The project A Walk in the Park was a collaboration with Edward C. Thomson and consisted of an installation made for the 2008 edition of the Kunstvlaai, a small publication as well as a contribution for the Piet Zwart Institute graduation magazine Small Talk with the Janitor. The installation at the Kunstvlaai consisted of an overhead projection of a pencil drawing and a sound piece. In the sound piece a woman describes a walk through a landscape garden. Both the image in the projection and the sound piece originate in a visit to the Pfaueninsel, an island in Potsdam, near Berlin. The publication, as well as the text in the Piet Zwart Institute magazine is a conversation about experiencing the park and the attempts to work with it as source material in developing a new work.

The design of the magazine was done by graphic designer Sandra Kassenaar.