Een beknopte geschiedenis van een bepaald geval


My contribution to the 2008 Piet Zwart Institute graduation show My Travels With Barry, taking place at TENT. Rotterdam, from July 9th until August 24th, 2008.

The installation Een beknopte geschiedenis van een bepaald geval (A Short History of a Certain Case) consists out of several small drawings, projections, as well as a a large format drawing. The drawings were made using different strategies like copying and tracing. Six small drawings were made using a camera lucida, a nineteenth century drawing device that superimposes the object in front of it and the piece of paper that is laying on the table. All strategies influence the visual appearance of the drawing and subsequently the way the viewer relates and gives meaning to it. For instance, when tracing is applied it easily creates a smooth, impermeable surface. The more tangible lines of the camera lucida drawings are in that respect more open and more inviting. Juxtaposing these different approaches in which one can relate to a drawing, the installation is an attempt to address the question how meaning meaning is produced.