The Smooth and the Striated


The Smooth and the Striated was an exhibition taking place at two different locations in Amsterdam, Huize Frankendael and Nieuw Dakota.

It was organised by Amsterdam University and free-lance curator Flora Lysen and ran parallel to Connect, Continue, Create, an international conference on the French philosopher Gilles Deleuze. Other artists included Tom Tlalim (ISR), Saskia van Imhoff (NL), Jasmijn Visser (NL), Persijn Broersen & Margit Lukacs (NL en IT), Krien Clevis (NL) and Pieter Paul Pothoven (NL).

For the work Mirror Maze in Nieuw Dakota I designed a metal frame-like object which both defined the space in which it was standing and suggested a viewing position from which one could look at a large drawing on a nearby wall. The object literally framed the drawing and could thus be used as looking device. The relationship between sculpture and drawing was non-specific and abstract. The use of the sculpture was not prescribed, it could be used to stand in, look at or out of, and to climb on. The drawing was very abstract as well, but for other reasons, namely its very specific visual motif: it was a hand-traced text from a patent registration of a mirror maze, made using an overhead projector. It uses language to describe a very concrete object, namely a piece of funfair architecture intended to create for its visitors the illusion of endless space.

In Huize Frankendael I showed the work The Club of Queer Trades, an installation consisting of a floor drawing, a small show case, a 2 minute animation and a paper work on the window. The animation can be viewed here.