Quiet is the New Loud


For a group exhibition at Hotel Mariakapel, curated by Teresa Iannotta, I made a drawing on the floor, as well as two smaller pieces, which were hanging on the wall directly next to it.

The floor drawing is based on a drawing I found in an online archive of patent applications. It represents the floorplan of a mirror maze, which was designed to be build in Berlin in the late 19th century, but was never realised. In the exhibition space of Hotel MariaKapel I wanted to use this very abstract rendering of a place of spectacle as a starting point to make a work which becomes part of the space, while keeping its character of a model. The drawing is made using tape and pencil.

The exhibition was the result of a one month residency at the guesthouse of Hotel MariaKapel. Other artists in the project are Andrew Sroka (USA) Stefano Calligaro (IT) and David Stamp (UK).