Publication ‘So with pictures seen from too far…’


I made a small publication consisting of a text I have written about mark making and a found text about perspective, which I combined with images and drawings. The title is ‘So with pictures seen from too far or too near there is but one exact point which is the true place wherefrom to look at them: the rest are too near, too far, too high, too low’.

I chose a rather associative approach, not so much documenting works I made, but instead using them as source material to make something new. The materiality of the thing became a pivotal concern and I am very grateful for having been able to use PrintRoom‘s risograph, which definitely added a certain quality to the printing which a photocopier could not have achieved. I like to think of all the materials which ended up in the book as small works, leading a life of their own, quite separated form their larger twin brothers who prefer to be put on display in an exhibition context.

Please click here to download a pdf version of the text ‘On Mark Making’.