We reach the same end by discrepant means


In the installation ‘We reach the same end by discrepant means’ I brought together a number of new works which I made over the last few months. Taking the image of a victorian drawing class as a starting point, the installation brings together works which use different ways of mark making to look for a moment in which the drawing finds a space in between being a gesture and an object. Using folds and grids, I intended to explore artistic agency within an everyday conception of creative activity. The title is borrowed from an essay by Montaigne, who more or less invented this fragmentary, investigating form of writing. I liked it for the ‘discrepant means’, but the ‘same end’ could equally refer to the victorian kids, all drawing exactly the same leaf, as well as to some goal that has already been forgotten. It’s maybe more of a reminder, a note to myself, that there might be some end in all of this.