More than meets the eye


I used the open studios at the Jan van Eyck Academie as an opportunity to not only reconsider some of the work that I produced there, but to also experiment with some of the leftovers of my working process – an attempt to somehow mediate between work and space. I made some impromptu works using thread, nails, the blinds, a sheet of glass and random pieces of wood, combined with the animation More than meets the eyewhich was shown on a monitor standing above the door.

Although it was a small presentation, it was an attempt to work with some of the problematics that arose while preparing the exhibition The Building a Pedantry of Lines, which took place a few months earlier, in the exhibition spaces of the Jan van Eyck. I was also thinking of a talk that Peter Sloterdijk gave at the very same institution, a few years ago, in which he conceptualises architecture in the most general sense as a container of boredom. The monastery is one of the ur-models he discusses, but there is also a strange formal resemblance to the studio spaces of the Jan van Eyck. The monk is bored while waiting for God’s message, which, of course, will not come. The artist is bored while waiting for inspiration, which, of course, will not come either. An individual, a space, but no message.