What is a window if not the air framed by right angles


What is a window if not the air framed by right angles is an installation presented at artists’ initiative NE Studios, Rotterdam.

The title of the installation is taken from Clarice Lispector’s book Aqua Viva, and for me captures quite nicely what I was thinking of recently. It made me think of how, as an artist, one can play with processes of rendering something visible or invisible by expanding thinking about exhibiting work beyond the gesture of drawing as it is framed by the limits of a sheet of paper. Being in themselves quite fragmented in a sense of being products of working processes that took place elsewhere, quite a few of the works I brought together are about what is not there, or maybe suggesting a behind or beyond. For a longer time already I’ve been interested in the materiality of the in-between as the true locus of my artistic action and this equally applies to individual works as it does to finding a space to act in an exhibition context. It is therefore a space in which acting and thinking form a continuum.