Zwaartepunt | Werk in de keuken


Installation with wall pieces, ceramic objects, food and site specific interventions in the kitchen of the house of artist Milou van Ham.

The work was developed especially for the occasion, in response to an invitation by Milou van Ham to be part of a series of artist presentations taking place in her house. A few basic facts regarding the kitchen – this kitchen, but also any kitchen, for that matter – were the starting point. It is where you prepare the meal that feeds you, where you make stuff, a place where elementary actions are carried out often in thoughtless concentration. Just like any other object in the kitchen, the works are decorative, functional or serving. At the same time they are designed to not quite fit in. Cleaning cloths have been sewn into large pieces and worked with paint to make them into wall objects, almost paintings. A collection of hand made ceramic plates and bowls are used to carry the food. The clay comes from the earth, just like the food we eat. The use of these materials emphasises the kitchen as a place in which physical and social relations of dependency are tangible. Images temporarily inhabit a house and thus overwrite habitual patterns with something new, to question how the space of the artist meets the space of the resident.